Mika Mustonen new Director of FICAN South

Mika Mustonen from ORION (ORN) has been selected as new Director of FICAN South –  one of the five nodes of the  Finnish National Cancer Center to be established in October. FICAN South consists of Helsinki University Hospital HUS, University of Helsinki, and regional hospitals Kymsote, Eksote, and Päijät-Häme. FICAN South  aims to ensure high quality equal care for cancer patients and facilitate research in this area together with the other nodes.

Mustonen has  a long and successful track record at Orion, where he has been Director of Oncology Development since 2017. He was trained as a biochemist at Oulu University and did his post-doctoral in cancer biology at the University of Turku and holds an adjunct professor position in pharmacology at the University of Tampere. Mustonen has published mostly on hormonal cancer models e.g. in breast and prostate cancer.

Mika Mustonen has also been active in public-private partnerships in clinical and pre-clinical trials, and signed the Expression of Intent for Orion to join iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine partnership.

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