The challenge of our time

Cancer is a growing threat to our global health. The scientific community and society at large are investing heavily to improve prevention, detection, survival, and quality of life of cancer patients. Precision Cancer Medicine represents a highly promising approach to tackle this global challenge, but there are still a number of bottlenecks.

Our approach

Combining precision cancer medicine and digital health.
Our approach is based on integrating molecular data with digital health data in new and meaningful ways. Sounds quite straight forward, right? But rest assured, it is a highly challenging task. The good news is that Finland has globally unique assets for actually making this happen.

Empowering patients in cancer care and research

Introducing iCAN

iCAN is an innovative multidisciplinary initiative
that brings together some of the world’s leading actors in cancer genomics,
translational and clinical cancer research, digital health, information technology,
machine learning and business to solve one of the most pressing challenges of our time – cancer.
This unique ecosystem will be based on two national cancer research Centers of Excellence
at the University of Helsinki and the first Nordic Comprehensive Cancer Center at Helsinki University Hospital HUS with an aim to synergize with the national cancer center FICAN and its regional node FICAN South.